The best value of Frame Equipment – Chisum sells Production and Profitability


Lavell Chisum was proud to be the inventor of the modern day frame rack for collision repair.  His invention of the frame rack was sold to Chief Automotive and is still produced today as the EZ Liner rack. The Chisum Freedom Rack has been around since 1960 and is still going strong. Chisum has decided now is the time to also produce a bench style frame machine. In keeping with the Chisum vision from the original frame rack Chisum showed at the Los Angeles 1968 automotive equipment show the new Workhorse series bench will feature Quality like no other bench has seen before.




Compared to similar style bench systems in the market, Chisum has solved many issues that plague the technicians who work on a bench style rack. Such as:

  • Re-engineered wider & stronger ramps than other racks in the market, allowing a vehicle such as a Heavy Duty truck fit on the ramps with ease. The total width of the workhorse with the ramps is 92”. (Need picture of the ramps with a graphic line drawing showing visually the width of the ramps)
  • We designed wider vehicle mounting arms, allowing the clamping of a wide unibody constructed vehicle without the need of inverting the bench clamps. (Need picture of clamping a Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna to show this in either the website, or brochure, or both)
  • Designed the bench to be a longer, the Workhorse comes in a standard 19 feet. Putting a small vehicle or an extended full frame truck will be a breeze when working on the Workhorse. (In brochure a line showing the length from end to end)
  • The workhorse has been in development for nearly 4 years and is truly a global concept. Materials and assembly have covered nearly every continent of the world. ( We should make a list of every country of origin and put a map of the world with highlights on the countries components or assembly takes place)
  • The pull hydraulics on the workhorse are made in the USA and the scissor lift is rated to lift an incredible 10,200lbs meeting the demand from many OEM requirements of today. (Picture of the front of the bench with the scissor lift up showing the lift and the big 10,200 LBS max sticker for brochure, or website, or both)
  • Safer and smarter working environment, the 110v power unit will lift itself out of a locked position when simply hitting the down button on the wired in pendant or on the power unit. (Picture or video of someone hitting the down button for website and showing the safety kick up and bench start to move down. For brochure a picture of the power unit with someone holding the pendant)
  • The workhorse is constructed with XXX steel, this is over xx times the tinsel strength of its competitors. Every single piece of the XXX steel is precision rolled for ensuring a tolerance that can not be matched by its competitors.
  • The Workhorse is fully compatible with accessories from some other branded bench style racks such as Unoliner, Caroliner / Snap-On.
  • Chisum Training, by registering your Chisum bench on you will be instantly able to download instructional manuals for your purchase. You will also have instant access to video training for tips and trade secrets that will boost any technicians productivity.


Join the Chisum family and let us show you what value is, and you will see a product that is quality literally from the ground up.



  • The Scissor lift is CNC welded for precision tolerances with an accuracy of better than +/- 0.15mm. The lift is also heat treated to remove internal stresses and toughen the steel. This process is something that can not visually be seen, but the effort is done on every single Workhorse produced and is one of the reasons for the extraordinary lifting capability of the rack.
  • The entire structure of the bench is factory shot blasted followed by a process electrophoresis that helps with cleaning, degreasing, and creates an etched rust free surface that is ideal for the power coating process that follows.


What kind of powder coating do we use???