The Chisum STORY

Who Is Lavell Chisum?

Lavell Chisum3

Award-winning inventor Lavell Chisum is the proud creator of the modern-day frame rack for collision repair. Chisum craftsmanship has been respected since he built his first frame machine and unveiled it at the 1968 Los Angeles Automotive Equipment Show. His original frame-rack patent was sold to Chief Automotive and is still produced today as the EZ Liner rack – one of the most popular frame repair systems ever made, it’s used in auto body shops worldwide. 2018 marked the 50th anniversary of Lavell taking the legendary EZ Line frame machine to market.

To help body shop owners keep pace with ever-evolving collision repair technologies, Chisum recently decided that now is the time to produce an upgraded Bench-Style frame machine to better accommodate the needs of today’s technicians.

In keeping with the Chisum vision of his original frame rack, the new Chisum Workhorse Bench-Style Frame Rack features the highest-quality construction, essential functionality, and working comfort your technicians have never experienced before. Chisum delivered what the collision-repair industry needed way back when – and now he’s once again come through to deliver what auto body shops need to survive to tackle the toughest repairs of today’s complex, technologically advanced vehicles head-on!


At Chisum USA we believe in Lavell Chisum’s vision and provide the best value in frame equipment. We sell production and profitability through our stringent manufacturing specifications, highest quality products and detailed customer service to provide the finest collision repair equipment in the world. With Chisum, you are part of a love affair like no other. We love Chisum products and so does America.