The Chisum Challenger is the world’s #1 drive-on frame machine with a precision-milled deck. After fabrication, each Challenger mainframe spends 48 hours running through a computer-controlled milling machine. This process eliminates any distortion in the steel and ensures that the entire mainframe is 100% true, both end-toned and side-to-side, including all crossmembers.

The Chisum Challenger is guaranteed to be accurate and delivers the flattest surface in the industry from which to measure. Plus, it has a phenomenal finished appearance that captivates all who see it. No need to pinch yourself! Simply adjust this perfect pulling surface to a comfortable working height, and you’re ready to produce more accurate repairs than ever before.


  • Legendary Lavell Chisum telescoping tower heads
  • Famous 10-ton towers
  • Adjustable collar for easy positioning
  • Convenient storage location for each tower pin
  • True 360-degree pulling power
Chisum Freedom
Autobody repair equipment

removable cross-members

The Challenger's front and rear cross-members allows better access to damage for technicians and estimators.

Auto body repair equipment

towers can be ganged

The Challenger's towers can be ganged close together. This allows technicians to repair damage quicker and easier.

Auto body repair equipment

handheld remote control

Control the Challenger with the push of a button. The hand held remote even controls accessories like the rolling scissor lift (shown here), which makes working on SUV's and trucks easy.

Internal Plumbing

Internal Plumbing

The Challenger's hydraulic plumbing is internal to the frame. This means no hoses on the floor. Cleaner. Safer. Better.

Liquid filled pressure gauges

Liquid filled pressure gauges

Excellent for monitoring hydraulic pressure on each tower. These high-quality gauges give technicians instant visual feedback that quantifies the amount of stress relieved from damaged areas.

advanced clamping system

advanced clamping system

Improved anchoring is compatible with many specialty adapters.  Strong enough to be used with truck anchoring. Features adjustable pinch weld clamping for being able to secure damaged rocker panels on side hits. All hardware is accessible form the top.



These powerful 2600 lumen LED lights enable technicians to find measuring locations and hidden damage. They are hard wired internally, eliminating the need for extension cords. Yet another innovation making collision repair easier.

portable steel pump cart

portable steel pump cart

This workhorse protects the industrial strength electric/hydraulic pump and motor. Two liquid filled gauges monitor pressure on the hydraulic lift and all of the towers.

auxiliary pulling power

auxiliary pulling power

Power on the move. This allows technicians additional pulling power anywhere on and around the entire vehicle. This can also be used for high pulls, down pulls, and pushing.


Chisum frame straightening machine and collision repair equipment’s stringent manufacturing specifications guarantee your Challenger  frame machine is the finest in the world. As evidence of the Challenger’s superior quality and workmanship, simply examine its perfectly smooth, precision-milled tread ways. Or watch one of its towers glide with ease along the entire length of the machine. The difference is visible. That’s why the Chisum Challenger frame straightening machine leads the industry.


Plus, it’s got more power. In fact, with a Challenger in your shop, you command 30 tons of total pulling power. Each of the machine’s legendary Chisum towers is powered by SPX hydraulics and can be positioned next to any other tower for combined pulling strength.
Finally, consider the Challenger’s convenience. With just the touch of a button you position the vehicle at your preferred working height for each step in the repair process anywhere from 12″ to over 41″ off your shop floor.


Telescoping Tower Heads

Telescoping tower heads

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Famous 10 Ton Round Towers

Famous 10 ton round towers

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9.2 Tons of Pulling Power

Enormous 9.2 tons of pulling power at the hook

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Jack Beam

Sliding/removable jacking beam

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Liquid Filled Gauges

Custom-designed, easy-to-read, liquid filled gauges

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Pin Storage

Convenient storage location for each tower pin and tower bolt

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Adjustable collar

Adjustable collar for easy positioning

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tower 360

Towers can be secured 360º, every inch

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removable crossmembers

Front and rear removable cross members provide easy vehicle access

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228 Steel

228 steel-reinforced tie-down pockets provide unlimited holding options

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Perfectly smooth, precision-milled deck provides the flattest surface in the industry

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Adjustable height

Fully adjustable working height

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Roller Bearings

Eight industrial strength roller bearings provide near effortless tower movement

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  • Length

    20’ Treadways
    5’ 2” Loading Ramps
    24’ 2” with tower positioned front and rear

  • Width

    7’ 4” Total bed width
    11’ 6” with tower on either side
    26.25” Treadway width
    35.5" Width between treadway

  • Working Height

    12” with lift fully lowered
    41.5” with lift fully raised

  • Machine Height

    9’ 1.5” with lift fully raised and tower heads fully lowered
    9’ 11.5” with lift fully raised and tower heads fully extended

  • Weight

    8,470 lbs. with three towers

  • Hydraulic Power

    9.2 tons at the hook

  • Lift Capacity

    10,000 lbs.

  • Tie Downs


  • Grease Fittings

    13 on hydraulic lift and towers

*Specifications are for 20’ Challenger. 18’ and 22’ Challenger specifications differ in length, width, and number of tie down pockets.